Friday, August 31, 2012

Where's the Beer?

I know. I've been slacking in my beer drinking and reviewing. That should be a good thing, but its not because the blog is about beer, too. I should be downing a sixer a week and posting review blogs while intoxicated, sloughing my phrases about. Just kidding! No, I haven't had anything to drink this morning except some liver-wake-up lemon water (A great liver starter tip for you beer drinkers).
So where are all the beer reviews? I have to be honest, folks. I don't really feel like I'm in a beer mood this summer.
I've had a couple that I didn't take the time to review, such as the summer staple, Sam Adams' Summer Ale, which I think is the best Sam Adams beer. Then Mr. Brown brought a sixer of Trader Joe's Summer Brew, which was nice and light.
Dante and I went to Stout in Hollywood and had burgers, fries and beers.I think we ordered three different beers and I tasted all three and drank one. Thanks, Dante!
Later, during the hot weeks of summer, Mr. Brown and I went to
The Stand and split a big cup of their house Honey Blonde Draft Ale.
Nice and smooth. I think there was an Asahi at a sushi place sometime,
but I wasn't taking note.

I type this post as I watch Ken Burns' Prohibition and after a quick trip to Ralph's where I discovered that Sam Adams' Summer Ale has already been replaced with the Oktoberfest selections and the Halloween candy aisle is already in full swing. Where have the summer beer-drinking months gone? I know now that I've let them slip by, while crunching heartily upon mostly potato snacky yum yums.

So what's my point? I don't really have one and I like to wax poetic. I just was trying to give a good excuse as to why there aren't many beer reviews as of yet on the Potato Chips and Beer blog.
Either way, I hope you keep reading.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oishi Ribbed Cracklings in Old Fashioned Salf & Vinegar

Dante and I went exploring at an Asian grocery store on Sunset Boulevard called Grocery Warehouse. We combed the aisles and I came across several items that I wanted to try including shredded papaya, Seasoning (that's what the sauce is called!) and this here bag of chips. I was intrigued by the "old fashioned salt & vinegar," but I was sold when I read that "'Beer Match' series of snacks are cut in big, big bite-size pieces. Flavors were selected specifically for a beer drinker's [sic] enjoyment!" Chips flavored and shaped for beer drinkers? I've got to try those!

When you open the bag you get a whiff of typical salt & vinegar smell, but these are not like any
S&V chips I've ever seen or tasted. First of all, these are not potato chips. They are starch chips made from wheat, tapioca starch, corn starch, oil and flavoring. They have the same texture as Shrimp Chips and even the same background fishiness.

The first taste...There is a spicy flavor as if there's some pepper in the mix, which there very well might be since listed "spices" as an ingredient. I feel like the tang is supposed to be the tang of vinegar, but the flavor chemists didn't quite hit the nail on the head. So instead of vinegary flavor, its vine-peppery!
There is not an unpleasant aftertaste, but the spicy flavor leaves a light tingly sensation in your mouth for a while. Also, after having ate a quarter of the bag, I feel like I have a slight balloon head going on right now. I'm not dizzy, just a little floaty. I'm going to blame that specifically on the MSG without any evidence or facts to back me up. Darn skippy!

I kinda like them because the flavor is different and as a potato chip taster, it is so pleasant to taste something out-of-the-ordinary. But I will never eat them again, because I felt like I dropped a sample size LSD dose after eating them. Chips aren't supposed to give you balloon head. And finally, I try to avoid MSG and artificial pork flavoring as much as one potato chip eater can. A solid Two Potato for Oishi's Ribbed Cracklings.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Deep River Snacks Rosemary & Olive Oil Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Sometimes I have no business being in a store. Sometimes I'm just bored and want to shop. Sometimes I'm just on a snack hunt. That's what happened one work day. On my lunch break I walked to Walgreens for no particular reason and I found these chips on a side-of-the-aisle display. They had the Rosemary & Oil flavor as well as Zesty Jalepeño, but I'm not a big jalepeño person, and who can pass up the mystery of rosemary flavored potato chips? Not I, said the fly!
So I walked back to work, passed the day, went home and into my secret chip storage (a liquor store black bag hidden behind my dining room table) the Rosemary & Oil chips went. That was probably over a month ago. I'm actually quite surprised that I was able to keep these chips for so long. I guess my secret chip storage is doing a great job!

Upon first opening the bag you are introduced to a lovely fragrance of rosemary and kettle cooked chips. Most people don't know, but rosemary is a cousin to the pine tree. Its an evergreen and is super fragrant both fresh and dry. I know that it is often used to season meats and roasted potatoes, but I was doubtful, yet intrigued to taste how it paired with potato chips.

The mystery of rosemary flavored chips is solved! They are quite toothsome! The rosemary flavor is pronounced but not overbearing. The salt perfectly compliments... no, enhances that amazing evergreen taste. They're beautifully chips. These are definitely a Four Potato.

I ate these with a yummy turkey and balsamic mustard wrap (home made). Rosemary & Oil chips are for food pairing. They are not just for snacking by themselves so don't sit back, crack open a bag and catch the latest episode of Hard Knocks Miami Dophins. Don't do that. Sit down with a good sandwich and enjoy these chips. From a BLT to a French dip I think these will go so well!
And, oh! The bag size is perfect. It doesn't come in those mini bags they put in children's lunch boxes. They're not Grab Bag size, which I think are too big. They're a great Goldilocks in between. Perfect for tasting, perfect for sandwich pairing, even though the Nutrition Facts says it holds two servings.