Saturday, August 25, 2012

Deep River Snacks Rosemary & Olive Oil Kettle Cooked Potato Chips

Sometimes I have no business being in a store. Sometimes I'm just bored and want to shop. Sometimes I'm just on a snack hunt. That's what happened one work day. On my lunch break I walked to Walgreens for no particular reason and I found these chips on a side-of-the-aisle display. They had the Rosemary & Oil flavor as well as Zesty Jalepeño, but I'm not a big jalepeño person, and who can pass up the mystery of rosemary flavored potato chips? Not I, said the fly!
So I walked back to work, passed the day, went home and into my secret chip storage (a liquor store black bag hidden behind my dining room table) the Rosemary & Oil chips went. That was probably over a month ago. I'm actually quite surprised that I was able to keep these chips for so long. I guess my secret chip storage is doing a great job!

Upon first opening the bag you are introduced to a lovely fragrance of rosemary and kettle cooked chips. Most people don't know, but rosemary is a cousin to the pine tree. Its an evergreen and is super fragrant both fresh and dry. I know that it is often used to season meats and roasted potatoes, but I was doubtful, yet intrigued to taste how it paired with potato chips.

The mystery of rosemary flavored chips is solved! They are quite toothsome! The rosemary flavor is pronounced but not overbearing. The salt perfectly compliments... no, enhances that amazing evergreen taste. They're beautifully chips. These are definitely a Four Potato.

I ate these with a yummy turkey and balsamic mustard wrap (home made). Rosemary & Oil chips are for food pairing. They are not just for snacking by themselves so don't sit back, crack open a bag and catch the latest episode of Hard Knocks Miami Dophins. Don't do that. Sit down with a good sandwich and enjoy these chips. From a BLT to a French dip I think these will go so well!
And, oh! The bag size is perfect. It doesn't come in those mini bags they put in children's lunch boxes. They're not Grab Bag size, which I think are too big. They're a great Goldilocks in between. Perfect for tasting, perfect for sandwich pairing, even though the Nutrition Facts says it holds two servings.

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  1. That sounds like a damn good chip. And it was not a good idea to let me, of all people, know where you hide chips. See you tomorrow!