Saturday, February 2, 2013

Herr's Pizza Flavored Potato Chips

This video was a long time in the making and I'm really happy with it. My parents, the two other crazy people you'll hear in this recording, are the ones who got me into tasting stuff. They always have new snack products around the kitchen to try and we always experiment when we go out to eat or to events. Both of them are great with words and fantastic at storytelling, so I thought they'd make excellent potato chip testers. This slideshow proves that I am correct, again!



  1. I laughed when your dad said that Ruffles were rough because my brain spelled it “Ruff”! These chips sound good. I would never think to try a pizza type of chip with mango salsa. The pictures you used are great and these are coming along very well. Just the cover of the chips look insane! Yay, there is the trophy! I love that you and your mother love the chip that is hardest to get HERE.

    1. We're very difficult women and that translates to our chip preferences!