Sunday, March 31, 2013

Potato Chip News: Man Hits Another With His Car Over Potato Chips

Here's the link, but just in case that fails...
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – An argument over a bag of potato chips led to a brutal assault in East Nashville. A car was involved and the victim ended up with a broken leg.
Travis Patton told police he was inside the Z-Mart convenience store at 803 Dickerson Pike with 24-year-old Timothy Floyd early Monday morning.
Before they walked out, the victim said Floyd bought him a bag of potato chips and then asked Patton to pay him back.
Patton said he thought Floyd had bought the chips for him and just walked out of the store. He told police he didn't think anything of it until he saw Floyd drive up on the sidewalk and hit him with his car.
Officials said Patton sustained a broken leg. His family was nearby and was able to take him to the hospital.
"I didn't know he was hurt until I saw him hop on one leg over to a grey car. He was trying to get help," said Geraldine Jackson, Patton's aunt.
Police arrested Floyd not far from where the incident happened. He was charged with aggravated assault and driving with a revoked license. They said he should not have even been driving because his license was suspended.
Floyd was booked into the Davidson County Criminal Justice Center. 
Wow. Does Timothy Floyd blog about his love of potato chips, too? Geez.


  1. Damn! That is some hardcore love for chips! Its not like he punched him once he got in the car. He drove up on the sidewalk and hit him! I wonder what kind of chip they were. Hell, or if it was a large one. So many questions!

  2. I'm imagining that the chips were the ever elusive Lay's Chicken and Waffles flavored chips. They were selling out everywhere. Or if any chip would inspire such an angry reaction, then they're probably those Blair's Death Rain Chips we tried that were unpleasantly hot. Eating a bag of those would drive you to run someone over.